To my esteemed Woodfire Grill family:

In 2008, Bernard and I acquired Woodfire Grill with Kevin at the helm. Together, Bernard, Kevin and I strove to create a culture of caring and empathy. A culture that values people over things, that values proper over convenient, grace over profit. For the first year, we struggled, and somehow made it through. Then, thankfully, for a couple of years, our volume of business easily afforded us integrity in these matters.

Though both Kevin and Bernard have parted from Woodfire Grill, I work ardently to maintain these values. My motivation to prepare wholesome food raised ethically and to serve it with love is resolute, and non negotiable. Sadly, for the last two years, revenues have decreased and no longer support the elevated service and cuisine that I am altogether committed to. My sustainable restaurant is no longer sustainable.

It is with great sadness that I announce that Wednesday, May 20 will be Woodfire Grill's last evening of dinner service. I hope that you will join me for dinner in the next couple of weeks so that I may thank you personally for your support over the years.

I have overwhelming pride for the parade of talent that has cooked in this kitchen and tended this dining room. I wish to thank all of my co-workers who shared in my passion for enlightened hospitality. I wish also to thank all of my farmers and purveyors who supplied me with the noble ingredients that nourished all of us these nearly seven years.

Most importantly, I thank you, my guests. Serving you has brought me grace. This grace will always be with me and I pledge to share it everywhere I go.

Come on in for dinner, there is a pretty good list of wines that I'd like to get into.